first family heirloom. made to last for generations.

I custom design the page spreads in heirloom quality albums and guestbooks for all my clients. For all the following types of albums, I will work with you to create a keepsake you will treasure for years to come.

Each page can display either a large single photo or multiple smaller photos and photographs can be flush with the edge of the spread.

Please note: Sales tax and shipping are not included in the prices below and production time for albums is approximately 6 to 8 weeks from the time the design is approved by the clients.

Why did I choose KISS albums for my clients?

Handmade at Home, They Are a True Economic Stimulus

Every KISS Book is made in the United States. Even though KISS could manufacture more cheaply in other countries, they are proud and committed to building in the US.

Through this, they gain the advantage of being able to closely monitor the quality and service they provide by having their production facility and staff all reside in the US.

Equally important, by staying local, they are able to provide jobs for many families, which empowers them and our economy.

Luscious Leather

KISS uses only 100% natural leathers selected for their grains, texture, strength, and quality. Full-grain hides feel better, last longer, and are more attractive than bonded-leather covers. When you get your hands on a Leather KISS, you may be tempted to brush your cheek against the supple cover. Go for it!

Lovely Linen

Linen provides brides and grooms with a light, textured, animal-friendly option to cover their albums. Linen covers highlight the true hand-made nature of KISS Books. Since Linen albums are more affordable than their leather siblings, they make a great option for engagement sign-in guestbook, bridal sessions and family sessions. 

Engrave It and Make It Yours!

Two lines of text are available for the front cover of both leather and linen books.  

For true personalization the text can be laser imprinted in several different fonts.


The Art of Printing and Binding

Only the best.

Every Kiss Wedding Book, from the 8" x 8" to the 12" x 12", is made with true photographic printing on the finest Fuji Crystal Archival paper.


Cutting is For Cookies

A beautiful layout shouldn’t be cut down the middle; even the smallest cut is distracting.

KISS builds all of their spreads with a micro-fold, preserving the full impact of your approved design. Bending a photograph usually results in damaging the print.

That’s why they developed a unique micro-fold that prevents prints from discoloring in the crease.


Don’t miss a thing

All pages lay beautifully flat, so you don’t lose any of the image in an unsightly fold. Each spread can be presented in all of its glory due to modern binding and block-building processes.

Un-doctored photos show press-printing (left) vs. photo-printing (right). The face was a half-inch in actual print, the logo was slightly smaller.





Delivered With a KISS

Each KISS Book is delivered with its very own swank, sexy, cloth dust-cover and presentation box made from 100% recycled craft material.